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We know you’re putting a lot of trust in our hands. Our team is highly trained and trustworthy.


We do our work in a way that ensures your family is kept safe before, during, and after service.

Eliminating pests often requires the use of professional pest control services like EcoPro Pest Control. This is because we know the ins-and-outs of each species of pest, including how to make them stay away after initial elimination.

Even though there are many products on the market for homeowners, countless people call for professional pest control services every year. That’s because often, grocery store products either don’t work or they fail to keep new pests from moving in. Proper professional treatment eliminates both of these problems.

Why Hire for Pest Control Services?

We're Parents

We are fully aware of how concerned you may be about how pests are eliminated from your space because we have the same concerns. This ensures that we emphasize family safety when treating your home against pests. We use the safest effective options for pest elimination and take steps to make sure that small children and pets can’t get into baits and other pest control stations.

We're Professionals

EcoPro doesn’t just understand you – we understand pests and how to get rid of them. We also pride ourselves on providing our services in a professional, efficient way. Our teams are trustworthy and highly trained, so you can rest assured that the job will be done right.

We're Prompt

You won’t have to sit and wait all day when you schedule an appointment with us. We’ll be there in time to get everything done right without causing undue inconvenience. We handle wildlife problems, insect infestations, rodent presence, and more.

We Guarantee Satisfaction

Our experienced, friendly professionals are always striving to meet or exceed your expectations. Personalized, effective service and competitive rates are our mainstays for reaching this goal.

Our pest control crews know that you’re also concerned about the environment – both around you and in general. Therefore, we use the most eco-friendly, yet effective, pest control products we can.

Do You Need Pest Control Services?

Each person’s tolerance for pests is different. For one person, the presence of a single roach is enough to put in a call for our pest control services. For another, it might take the presence of a large number of insects before the call is made.

Either way, when you find that you can’t get rid of pests on your own, you need our pest control services. Most “homeowner” products either don’t work, don’t work well enough, or don’t work long enough. While these products are considered unlikely to kill you, they also don’t do much to anything else, either. It usually requires the use of actual pro-grade products to get the job done.

When products are strong enough to truly qualify as pro-grade, they typically must be applied by trained and licensed applicators in order to remain safe for humans. This is where we come in. Our access to the top pesticides, combined with our training, makes it so that we can get rid of infestations that most homeowners cannot.

Is Pest Presence Ever an Emergency?

There are many situations in which the presence of pests qualifies as a bonafide emergency. If you or a family member are highly allergic to a species of pest, and that species moves onto your property, you need to get rid of those creatures as fast as possible. Calling us for a same-day treatment is the best way to stay safe. Bees, wasps, and other stinging or biting insects are among the top ones that require a fast response.

If you run a restaurant or other food service location, pests are also an emergency. The local health department will typically close an eatery for health violations if mice, rats, roaches, or other disease-spreading vermin are found. Then, the eatery cannot reopen until it is cleared as pest-free. Since both money and reputation are lost every moment an eatery is closed for a problem like this, the pests are a business emergency.

Don't Wait for an Emergency Situation

Even pests that aren’t directly dangerous become problems if they’re left to reproduce wantonly. Early action will save your food from contamination, keep you from finding pests in highly unwanted places (such as in your bed), and ensure that you aren’t sharing your house with any unwanted non-human guests.

To get started with EcoPro’s professional pest control services, just give us a call or fill out the form on our site. We serve Brentwood, Franklin, Spring Hill, and the surrounding areas in Tennessee.

Our Pest and Rodent Control Services

We know how frustrating pest and rodent problems can be, which is why we’re incredibly proud to offer prompt and professional service to people living in Franklin, TN, Columbia, TN and surrounding areas. When you choose EcoPro Pest Control, you’re choosing to work with a team of pest control professionals who have your best interest in mind and will get the job done right the first time around. If you aren’t satisfied with your most recent service for some reason, we’ll keep working until you are. No questions asked. We guarantee it.

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Getting rid of ants in Franklin, TN is no easy task. Ants are social insects that live in colonies, which means you must fully eliminate them to avoid another infestation down the road.
We know how scary waking up to red welts, rashes, and hives due to bed bug bites can be. So if you’ve spent the last few nights tossing and turning, we can help! You see, bed bugs are troublesome pests.
Mosquitoes ruin the summer months and expose your family to dangerous diseases. Our mosquito control service kills them on contact and acts as a repellent for weeks to come so you can enjoy your yard again.
Roaches are nocturnal pests and adept at hiding, which means your roach problem can get out of hand before you know it. Trust the experts at EcoPro Pest Control to stop these crawling pests dead in their tracks.
If Rodents have taken up residence in your yard, home and walls don’t worry, the team at EcoPro Pest Control can help. With over 12 years of experience, we’re Franklin and the surrounding area’s highest-rated and most dependable rodent control experts.
Spiders are skilled predators, using their webs to trap unsuspecting pests. And, while most species are harmless, discovering their webs can be unsettling. To get rid of spiders around your home, give us a call!
There are times when a dangerous or bothersome animal can come a little too close for comfort which then becomes a wildlife control problem. Raccoons, Squirrels, Bats, Possums, and even some birds can become an issue in and around your home.
EcoPro Pest Control provides effective long-term methods to help you physically keep pests from entering your home or building. Sealing up small holes and cracks can help stop pests such as rodents, spiders, cockroaches, and many other pests from making their way into your home or building.
Not only do Ticks annoy cats and dogs, but if you love you animals as much as we know you do, this is not tolerable. Ticks cause skin irritation, allergies, and diseases like lyme disease.
Wasps are best known for disturbing summer picnics and their painful stings! If you’re dealing with a stinging insect infestation at home and are noticing that they have been making their nests around your home and property. EcoPro Pest Control can help!
Termites cause an estimated $5 billion in damages each year. Rather than allowing these wood destroying pests to chew through your home, trust the team at EcoPro Pest Control to protect your greatest investment.
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