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Cockroaches are among the most common pests infesting homes and apartments in Middle Tennessee. They are especially troublesome in areas where food is prepared as they are always searching for food and water sources. Roaches are repulsive and embarrassing to most people simply by their presence. Because Cockroaches move freely from filth to food they may contaminate food, kitchen utensils and other house hold items. Luckily, the team at EcoPro Pest Control can help! With over 12 years of experience killing cockroaches, we’re Franklin, TN‘s leading provider of roach control services.
Roach Control

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Eliminating Cockroaches in Franklin, TN can be a difficult task because there are many species of Roaches in our area some species are certainly worse than others. We have to approach them with different techniques. So after determining which species you have, we will follow a specific treatment plan to get rid of roaches in your home so they dont come back for good.


We’ll first identify which type of Cockroach you have so we know what approach to take in eliminating them. Some of the most common ones we encounter in our area are the following: German cockroach, American Cockroach, Oriental Cockroach, Australian Cockroach, Brown Banded Cockroach, and Smokey-brown Cockroach. If you happen to find a cockroach in your home be sure to save it for us to identify if you you are able to. If you can’t save one your EcoPro Technician will use a flashlight or glue board to catch them, then we will look at their size and physical features to determine what approach we need to take. This step is the key to successfully treating your roach infestation.


Cockroach sanitation is very important in the success of resolving the issue. We will investigate sanitation issues in your home. Roaches require warmth, moisture and food which is why they are most common in kitchens and bathrooms. They like to hide in cracks and crevices under sinks, toilets, beneath/behind refrigerators dishwashers, toasters, stoves, near trash containers inside cabinets and pantries. Basically anywhere they can find water, crumbs and food sources. They will eat just about anything including each other. They love tight spaces where they feel safe during the day then they come out at night to scavenge. If we identify anything conducive to their existence, we’ll share it with you. It’s important that we eliminate these sources as much as possible to get rid of your roach problem by sanitizing these areas to eliminate anything that attracts them. It’s important that you deep clean your kitchen and bathroom during this process. If not, getting rid of these roaches will be much more challenging.


Once the species is identified and sanitation procedures are in place we will begin the treatment process. We will carefully apply our Eco-Friendly products such as Cockroach baits, insect growth regulators, residual insecticides, sticky traps and granular baits to treat the specific type of Cockroach that is infesting your home. Once this initial treatment is complete we will schedule a follow up appointment 10-14 days after to inspect and do a secondary treatment if needed.

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We’re passionate about helping people just like you get rid of unwanted pest problems. As such, we are proud to be the best pest control company in Franklin, TN, Spring Hill, TN and surrounding areas in the Middle Tennessee area promising excellence in value, service, and trust.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The most common culprit is poor housekeeping. But cleaning your kitchen, floors, and bathrooms sometimes isn’t enough. Roaches are accomplished hitchhikers, which means they can also get in by riding boxes, hiding in furniture, and latching onto other items brought into your home. Furthermore, roaches can enter through cracks and gaps in your walls and drains or sewer pipes. So your best bet is to call 615-457-0805 to schedule your FREE roach inspection! We’ll pinpoint the type of roach you have and the issue causing them to come back for more.
Not only are roaches one of the most common pest problems in Franklin, TN, but they’re also one of the hardest to eliminate. The reason for this is roaches are often scattered throughout your home, have high breeding potential, and can develop a resistance to pesticides. This is problematic because roaches transfer E. coli and salmonella from one food source to the next. So if you’re dealing with a roach problem, or simply want to protect your home from future infestations, please call 615-457-0805 today!
The answer depends on the species and severity of the infestation. Keep in mind many over-the-counter solutions are ineffective and sometimes even make the problem worse. Roaches are incredibly adaptable, which means they can scatter through your home and develop a resistance to do-it-yourself treatments. So we recommend calling 615-457-0805 to schedule your FREE roach inspection. This will allow us to give you an estimate of how long it’ll take to get rid of roaches in your home.

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Roach Control


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